What am I doing wrong?

I added extra lines of code to try my hand at the exercise. The code was meant to write to the file -which is successful- and then print the text file with the added lines instead it prints an integer (24) and after some changes it ow prints 25. What am I doing wrong?


Hello @kaizoku

Your additional three lines (47 -49) works.
There is also another way to do this:

new_file = open(input_file, 'a')
new_file.write('Mary was sad afterwards.\n')

Of course you can put a variable inside the brackets “x.write(your_var)”.

This on line 50 “write_to_file(new_file)” looks like a function call.
Like “print_all(current_file)”
But I do not see that definition.

I guess that you want the print at line 51 to print out.
You can do this.

new_file = open(input_file, 'r')
# it is better to close after working with the file.

Have a look at w3schools
I think they have good examples on how to do this and other things.

hi @ulfen69

thanks a lot for the response it really helped me. I think the problem was not open the text file as readable after writing to it.

The “write_to_file” definition wasn’t captured in the screenshot.

Read up on seek and tell in this:


That should give you another clue.

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