Where and How to start course?

Its a little unclear to me how the course works. Does one learn from the book, the videos, the PDF or all three or ?.

I am a complete novice when it comes to programming so I am looking for not only a complete beginners course but a very easy to follow format.


Hello @steve1155.

I would suggest read the book/PDF (I guess they have the same content).
Then watch the video.
Then follow the book/pdf and start writing the code for the lesson.

I strongly advise to do all the study drill.
I didn’t do that in the beginning. It resulted in problems later
Now I often do some extra files with part of the code I have problem to understand.
Example: ex12.py, ex12_studydrill.py, ex12_difficult_part.py.
Take a lot of notes. Both on paper and as comments in code.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your help, greatly appreciate it!

Yes, @steve1155 what @ulfen69 suggests is right. Also remember that you are expected to type in the code in little chunks at a time and try to get it running in stages. In the earlier exercises they’re small so you can type them up, but practice doing a little bit at a time. This will save you much pain later as you won’t run into situations where you’ve typed in mountains of code and none of it works so then you give up. If you build it a little bit at a time then it’s easier to know what you did that caused a bug.