Where could I go to get this in formation?

I’m using Lynda.com to find out how to answer this question, but I haven’t found it yet. If you could tell me where to search for this information I will be happy with that. I’ve tried almost everything.

Thank you!

So the image you posted is very bad and I can’t really read the description, BUT, where is this question coming from? It’s fairly large, and looks like it’s from a class, so if that’s the case you should talk to the person teaching this to you as they are most likely able to help you best. As for where to search for this information, this is sort of some basic python knowledge and not a specific thing to search for. As in, you aren’t going to find an answer to this unless someone already solved this specific question. If you want to make an attempt and post a better image then it’d be easier to see if you’re on the right track.

Okay, this is another situation where I didn’t understand how to utilize python for columns and spaces. Lynda.com has help me to understand this as well. I’m getting better at the exam so that is a good sign that I am progressing. I’m learning the Hard way:) it will be worth it once I get there. Learning to code on my own is where I need to focus as well.
Thank you

Thank’s Zed,
I have found this information. I have done the exercises over again up to exercise 40 and I’m able to execute all the codes. I am know working on object oriented programming. The more I work the more I understand.
Thank You

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