Where do you find this forum? I realize this is a terrible question

I have to ask…I’m having a really hard time just figuring out how to start this course. I want it to work, so someone just tell me I’m not crazy?


  • Why is is so hard to navigate to the videos? I can only see if from this link. It’s not in the nav anywhere

  • Why is it so hard to find this forum? I can’t even remember how I found this link. I think from emailing Zed personally about a question.

  • I think I eventually had to create my own bookmark in Evernote that linked to the Main homepage after you activate your browser.

Hello. No worries:

Once you log in to the site there will be an Account button in the top right. Once you click on Account you will be brought to a page with a list of your purchases [pictured below]

From the “Your Purchases” page, you can access your video two ways, depending on your preference:

1st: Click on “Videos” and you can watch them directly on the site.

2nd: Click on “Extras” and you should be able to download a Zip file of a few exercises at a time

To access this forum just go to: forum.learncodethehardway.org and then bookmark it in your browser of choice. I use Firefox, but the steps should be similar for most browsers.

There should be a bookmark button in the search bar:

From there you should be able to add it to the bookmark toolbar of your browser for easy future access.


I hope this helps!