Where to get the setup video?

I bought “Learn More Python 3 the Hard Way” from Amazon.
Where can I find “the setup video” and other videos to start the learning?

Hi @hejun,
The instructions for where to find all the accompanying videos, can be found at the beginning pages of the book, where Zed directs you to a website where you can register your copy of the book and then get full access to the video content. :slight_smile:

This is usually what I send people, but I haven’t confirmed this works lately:


This is an automated reply with instructions on how to get the videos if you purchased the book from anyone but learncodethehardway.org.

If you have Learn Python 3 The Hard Way, or Learn More Python The Hard Way, then you should go to after the preface, and there will be instructions for registering your book at informit.com.

If you have any other book then the instructions are at the end of the book.

Some things to remember:

  1. The registration process is controlled by informit.com and not by Zed or learncodethehardway.org.

  2. If you have problems with this process then contact support at informit.com, not this email. Only they can help you.

  3. I’m serious, I have zero control over this and cannot help you with problems at their site at all.

  4. The registration process will ask you for certain key words from the book to prove you purchased it. If you “register” in some other way and it does not do this book ownership confirmation then you didn’t do the right registration. Conctact their support.

  5. Easiest way to find the registration link is to the link in the book and search on the page for “Register your product”. You can do that with ctrl-f on Windows or command-f on OSX. It will highlight the link to register your purchase. You’ll need to make an account and follow a registration process to get access.

If that doesn’t solve this for you then reply and I’ll help you personally. Be sure to give screenshots from informit.com indicating any errors and make sure that the problem is not on your end first.

And, thank you for buying my book.

@hejun, I now see that Zed’s reply was much more extensive and helpful and I realize that my so called “help” basically did not help at all :sweat_smile: But I hope everything works out for you after you follow the detailed instructions :slightly_smiling_face:

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