Who can send me the languages.txt,....thanks~

the exercise in learn the python hard way needs the languages.txt. But i have searched for it in the internet for a long time. what i had downloaded didn’t work. So i ask for help here, thanks a lot.

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What is the exercise number?

It is Exercise 23. I couldn’t find it either.


This should take you straight to the file.
Would have uploaded a copy, but only images are supported.


I am having problems with this exercise and am wondering if this image of the language file looks similar to what is intended? I just want to rule out the possibility of some weird font issuelanguages

Hey @mnovicki that could be the correct file but you’re looking at it using a text editor that does not support UTF-8 encoding. What editor and OS are you on?

Hi thanks @zedshaw - when I follow the link in the ebook it directs me to a web page (https://learnpythonthehardway.org/python3/languages.txt) where I am viewing the text as shown in my previous photo. I am running a chrome browser on Windows 10. I wonder if there is a setting in my browser to support UTF-8? Anyway, I copy the text as shown in the link and paste to Notepad and it shows exactly the same. Browser setting?

Yep, looks like Chrome assumes it’s a ASCII text file. What you should do is, rather than just straight click on it, right click and say Save Link As…

I found a solution so I thought I would follow up - from Internet Explorer, I clicked the path to the web page where the languages.txt file resides. While on the web page, right click anywhere on the page to make a drop down menu visible. In the drop down menu, there is an “Encoding” selection where you can choose to display “Unicode (UTF-8)”.

I copied and pasted this text into Notepad. When I did a “Save As” I had to select from a drop down menu within Notepad to save encoding as “UTF-8”.

Thanks for talking me through it.

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