Why i need to use input () for running pyhton codes


each time i had to use input() for getting out from notepad++


but in the book there is no mention of "input () " to use in notepad++


Wait, what? Are you saying to exit (close, terminate) notepad++ you have to type input() at the end of the file? How are you running this? Are you using PowerShell to run it?

yes, i have to use input() to terminate and run.

this is the window where the o/p prompts

I guess you’re running this straight out of the notpad++, which is a new feature.

Please use PowerShell, not notpad++ to run your programs.

ok, let me try. i havnt tried it yet! you are right, i was using notepad++ for initial scripting and running it in notepad++ then i used powershell if it runs in notepad++

I think Notepad++ might be trying to help you run it but if it’s not exiting then notepad++ is broken. I may look into that.