Windows PowerShell Alternatives

This seems to be more important in Python since PowerShell’s unicode support is broken, so let’s start a thread on possible alternatives to PowerShell. Here’s one that seemed pretty nice:

And there’s also the WSL:

I’ve used Conemu on Windows. Works well with PS and WSL.

Good idea. I like powershell but to not have standardized unicode support in 2018 is just unforgivable.

So far the small amount of unicode stuff I have done works in:

  • Powershell hosted in VSCode
  • Powershell ISE
  • Sapien PrimalScript
  • Sapien PowerShell Studio

Unicode does not display properly in the Windows powershell console.
Powershell is hosted in the above environments and it is the host that controls the the unicode output. As well as the font needing to support the glyphs.
The windows console still supports codepages, hence its inability to display Unicode properly.

Powershell in the Windows console does preserve Unicode/UTF8 characters it passes around. It just can’t display them correctly.

Some references in addition to my (admittedly non expert) testing.

I have downloaded and tried running on cmder and ConEmu but there was no luck. The output on these two console is same as the one I was getting on Windows Powershell. I do not get the unicode printed instead the broken random bytes will be printed on the output. Any help is appreciated.