You can ask any Python questions you need help with, not just related to Learn Python The Hard Way.


Any questions about Ruby, even if unrelated to Learn Ruby The Hard Way.


Ask any questions about C, even if they’re unrelated to Learn C The Hard Way.


Ask any SQL questions you want, even if they’re unrelated to Learn SQL The Hard Way.

Other Languages

You can ask about any other languages you want here, and if a language gets enough interest then we'll make a category for it.

Book Requests

As I work on books I’ll be posting the exercises and samples, or things people can try here. This is where you can try out free material and follow along with new books and exercises before they are in print. Being that they are development they’re probably going to have errors. You can also request new things in the books.


The gallery is where you can post work you’ve done so other people can see it. You can get feedback on your work, or just post for people to see. Every accomplishment, no matter how small and beginner, is worthy of praise and posting here, and anyone who says they do not want criticism shouldn’t be criticized. If you’re looking for critiques then let everyone know, and don’t take what they say personally.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Tech Support

This is where you can get general tech support with your computer. You can ask for help with things like installing software, configuring software, random system bugs, how to use Windows or Linux, and setting up developer tools.


This is a place to post tools, techniques, and tips you’ve found that help you in programming.


This is where you can discuss the Learn JavaScript The Hard Way book as I’m working on it. Feel free to drop any code related errors you find. Don’t worry about submitting grammar errors as I have an editor for that. Thanks!

Vim School

This is where you can ask for help with using Vim, or post your own tricks and things you learned about Vim. Zed will also announce new Seminars as they are available to the school participants.