A silly contraption using a JavaScript physics engine

Easy tutorial:


Neat, do you have the code posted somewhere?

Some really fun stuff there! Must resist urge for JS just now.

Meh, JS is way more productive and fun that Python.

Sadly it’s not about fun for me at the moment @zedshaw but more about employability. The fun comes later hopefully.

Wait, are you seeing more Python jobs than JS? I find that incredibly hard to believe. Where are you looking?

Very domain specific @zedshaw as I’m a Test Manager by trade. Most jobs I will be interested in look for Java/C# by default for Enterprise test automation.

Of course there is decent test libraries and tools in other languages; mocha/jasmine, rspec, jest, PyTest, etc… but my industry is heavily outsourced/off-shored to companies that assume Java as a core.

Locally for junior Dev roles, it’s 20:1 for JS of course, and that’s only because there are two local employers who use Python for scientific/military applications, otherwise it’s probably nearer 50:1!

I’ve put of learning JS because I’ve assumed it was for FE Devs and I have an unfair perspective of people who claim to be devs after working through a FE course of html/css/js. It’s totally my bias so thank you for enabling me to see how powerful JS as a general purpose language.

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