A small .exe file from ex35

I loved ex35 from the book. Not sure why, but this is when I enjoy the most learning, when I’m having fun :smiley: and when I can share with other what I’m doing, I think those two things, at least for me, are the most important things when it comes to learn, work or do things in general. Great and fantastic lesson that allows you to connect the dots of when using functions, commands, etc., super cool.

I learned how to use pip to create an exe file from the .py file so other can run it easily.

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That’s pretty advanced. I didn’t know pip could do that now. Do you have a link to the instructions?

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Me too. I wonder if this was using pip to install pyinstaller (which actually made the executable)

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Hi there, nothing super fancy. I was looking how to make an exe from my py and I found this youtube video that explains how. Not super complicated as in my case I do not have dependencies or any UI. Here’s the link.

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Very cool. You learn something new every day.

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I’m glad that my curiosity taught you guys something interesting :slight_smile:

This actually solves a lot of future roadblocks I would potentially face. I was recommended Zed’s book by a very experienced coder friend of mine as a good starting out resource. My first intent with Python is creating scripts for work that our service desk staff can use. This turns the script execution into a more simple path. Thank you!

Yes, that should work, the only problem you might run into with work is getting permission to have a .exe installed. I know a lot of companies restrict .exe installs and it requires insane approval.

Fortunately, I have the power to approve them :slight_smile:

Score, let us know how it goes.

Breaking News… Company leaks 100 million emails after exploit accidentily installed on network by Engineer


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I created exe file using pyinstaller. But it shows ‘RuntimeError: input(): lost sys.stdin’. I used ‘input’ to take user choices in the script to make it understandable, it works fine in Powershell. I can’t solve the error by google searching.