Accountability April 2021

My status this week is:

Still alive, no covid-19, being careful(wash my hands), waiting for the vaccine.
I still learn and write some python code.

Mostly Pandas lately.
Are doing a Udemy course in Git. Wish I had done this earlier.

Tried to go deeper into Linux.
Switched to Arch this winter.
Got interested in OpenBSD.
There is so many interesting things in this world.

Speak french fluently, Get wifi working on OpenBSD.
Just keep learning.
Being a role model for my daughters by being interested in learning more all the time.

I am currently working on …
A small project on my own to get the cause of problem in a log presented in a easily understood way.
(did anyone understood what I am talking about?).
I use pandas, numpy, openpyxl and tkinter for this. Perhaps switch to flask as soon as I get somewhere further.
I have use for it in my daily work. So there is some extra motivation beside the joy of learning.

I am struggling with understanding
fast spoken french, speaking french

I am finally understanding

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