Accountability December 27 2019

My status this week is:
Feeling proud of myself. I completed the new prework project for Chingu voyages, and while it has some improvements I can make, I’m am super excited that something I looked at 4 weeks ago, and seemed impossible for me, is up and running in a I have also become a facilitator for Chingu. I am hesitant to put it on resume’s as I haven’t completed the assigned task of evaluating project submissions yet.
DONE: Chingu prework, Favorite Fonts.
BLOCKERS: Just taking a breather before a new team project with voyage 15 starts.
GOALS: Make an even more complex and UI/UX full stack deployment for the new team project.

I am currently working on … Taking a breather.

I am struggling with understanding … JavaScript has a lot of foibles that are ingrained with the browser/code interaction. I wish I understood the interaction between the codes more.

I am finally understanding … Where there is a will, there is a way. Doing the live course with so many from this forum really did open up doors for me. More internal than external. Thank you all!

I have work to show at … My prework project, Favorite Fonts: Github code–,
live site:


My status this week:

I am finally done traveling and able to get back to work. That whole 4 months was brutal but I’m back now.

Any requests?

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