Accountability January 18 2020

My status this week is: Getting back to coding after a few days of well earned rest.

DONE: It’s good to see that the ‘effort’ I put into coding over the last year is bearing fruit: I was able to make my own (light) version of a safer string structure for C from scratch in a surprisingly short time and with almost no bugs – it just worked. Of course this is not remotely comparable to the quality of the, what, 3000 lines? of the better string library, but I’ll book it as a success anyway. A modicum of complacency doesn’t hurt, does it? :slight_smile:

BLOCKERS: Hurray! None!

GOALS: Move on to hashmaps, using my own strings instead of bstrlib, just to see if they’d do the job.

I have work to show at … Here’s a question: I’ve been thinking that I’d like to make myself useful – any tips for where a beginner like me should look to find small ‘gigs’? I don’t care about money, I just want to use the skills I’m building in a real world scenario. I think I’m pretty solid (for a non-professional) at Python and I also wouldn’t mind doing C. Do I just browse github and find a project I’m interested in? Any tips would be appreciated.

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STATUS: I was recently hired to serve as a consultant of sorts for javascript as well as develop a website for this person. So I’ve been brushing up on javascript.

DONE: Translate Data Structures from LMPTHW into Javascript. Both Single Linked List and Double Linked List.

BLOCKERS: No blockers this week for this task. However I have shelved other projects to focus on shaking off the rust.

GOALS: Continue to practice JS.

WORK TO SHOW: I was asked to share my JS code for my Double Linked List. I posted a link to a gist on the forum.


Hi @florian I think Github can be a good start for contributing to a project. There are so many projects. Pick one that really excites you and has a friendly community.

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