Accountability January 27th 2020

My status this week is: becoming more confident

DONE: Had another go at cat and find from MorePy. This time round I learned much more about friction to my process, and have drafted a little list of improvement I am working through (silly little things like window toggling and more effective searching in Vim). However my biggest impediment is worrying about layout. I find that between listing objectives and turning into pseudo-code or code, I spend too long yanking lines about and/or worrying about grammar in comments. So I am addressing this in refactoring rather than hacking.

BLOCKERS: None really. I was overly optimistic with the MorePy hacks I intended to do, because in reality I’m mentally tired after a full day’s work and the volume of physical training that’s ramping up. I’m just keen to get into the next chapter as I have the confidence now whereas before I was quite intimidated by the whole book. I’ve also started learning to touch-type which slows things down a tad…

GOALS: Slow progress through MorePy in February. I’ve got 3 weeks off in March and intend to hit the book hard.

I am currently working on … MorePy Hacks.

I am struggling with understanding … some stuff I learned a few months back, because I haven’t used it enough. A quick reference check usually brings it back.

I am finally understanding … my workflow when starting a task

I have work to show at … GitHub - but nothing of note at this time. Will be starting a new blog soon (part of the March tasks) a bit like Zed’s space for all his different interests.

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My status this week: Clarifying my priorities.

I got sidetracked last week. I had the idea of creating a little website where I’d write about what I’m learning. A mixture of lab notes and educational material that might help others, but mostly myself, because, well, you only really understand something if you can teach it. And you write better code if you know that it might be read by others.

It’s a nice project that comes with a whole lot of new things to learn. I’ve been looking at SASS and JS for the front-end. I think I’ll stick with Python for the back-end – unless LJSTHW makes a leap forward soon…? :wink: I wrote a little syntax highlighter in JS, that was messy at first, but quite fun! I’m soo looking forward to the text parsing section of LMPTHW!

GOALS: So, I haven’t done much Haskell and C and that’s what I plan to think about this week. There’s only so much time that I can spend on coding and I don’t want to loose focus.


I’M FINALLY UNDERSTANDING that front-end development is fun! You get to see and touch your results very quickly. And I’m finally appreciating Python’s readability.

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@florian the site idea is exactly what I’m after. I had a blog before but I want a site where I can embed Juptyper Notebooks so it’s been a bit of search really.

Let me know if you get one up as I’d been interested to follow.

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Will do – likewise, you too!

My status this week: I’ve shelved much of my studies in favor of working on the side gig I recently got.
The gig is essentially me live debugging code of someone else. I’m hoping it will eventually will grow into more.

DONE: While I haven’t been 100% focused on it, I’ve started implementing a rudimentary Stack and Queue in JavaScript.

BLOCKERS: Time. I’m trying to keep a good balance between working and learning.

GOALS: Keep working on chipping away on the book projects. Maybe in a few months time I’ll have learned enough to work for myself on the side.

No work to show at this time.

Keep up the good work everyone.


My status for the week:

DONE: Finally got the right mix of services up for the new and put up an initial landing page.

BLOCKERS: Nothing really in my way but I am about to his a lot of travel soon so trying to get this all stable and working well before I go on the road again.

GOALS: Get a few more things fixed and get a sweet low-bandwidth streaming system going. When I was in Thailand I was totally dead on streaming because I had crap internet,so I’m determined to solve that by getting a streaming system that’s text only and audio.


That’s great to hear! If we have bought the book already, are we going to be kept in the loop anyway or do we have to sign up to get the announcements on that page?

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