[Accountability] November 12 2019

Ok, so previously I said I would better say yes to a devrel position whille doing some sideways freelance work.
I am revisiting the idea now and think it’s not a brilliant one.
Instead of spreading my train of thoughts in 100 directions, I better focus on less.
I will think more of it but right now I feel like focusing on fullstacking.
Working on this freelance gig forced me to face the ugly side of Django too (dealing with multi-tenant apps)
But I guess my efforts will not be vain, and since I am learning how to tame the ugly, I am sure a few more projects like this (Django/DRF/Vue) will give me a good direction.
Implemented a third party plugin to create organizations accounts. Had to choose from 2, and I went with the least heavier.
TODO: Write serializers, setup the frontend store
BLOCKERS: not much, just need to read more documentation


Working on my Django app forces me to learn new programming concepts to understand how I can customize Django to exactly do what I want. Currently, I’m learning about class based views and mixins. For everyone interested in that I, found a superb piece of explanation: A comprehensive Django CBV guide

To-do: working fully through this guide.
To-to: Merge a FormView with a ListView through mixins.
Blockers: Shoulder injury from a traffic accident. A motorcyclist overlooked me yesterday evening when I was riding my bike. I can’t work at the moment and only have one arm for typing.

Looking for Django mentorship: It would be nice to have a professional who can sometimes give me a hint where to look to accomplish certain things, without the need to search for days or weeks on stack overflow and all over the inter-webs. Sure I learn a ton but sometimes it is frustrating and demotivating.

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OMG, @DidierCH this is terrible news! Hope you are ok!
I wish you quick recovey!

Yeah that’s harsh @DidierCH I wish you a quick recovery. In terms of Django, isn’t there some specific forums you can join and share your work in to get instant feedback or help?

Thank you @io_io and @gpkesley!

@gpkesley that’s a good idea. Will search for that.

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Try reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/django/
I have the same problem, but read somewhere that most likely someone before you had to solve that somehow.
So the wisest thing would be to first search for some plugins that do what you want instead of reinventing the wheel. You need to look for how “solid” the repo is, if it’s still maintained , used by many etc.
If it has poor documentation, try to search for people that used it (just google site:github.com nameofplugin
Finally , if you are stuck, talk to the repo maintainer, mail them, tell them you are a beginner etc.
I noticed some plugins have support threads on SO.
Just un-stuck myself today, found an example I needed.

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Hello @DidierCH

Sad to hear about the accident.
Hope you will recover properly from this.


Thank you too @ulfen69!