Accountability November 25th, 2019

My status this week is:

DONE: Django: Integrated CBV FormView in ListView, manual form layout
GOALS: More work on front-end functionality

I am currently working on … Form handling in Django

I am struggling with understanding … Nothing today, maybe tomorrow …

I am finally understanding … How to make a manual form layout

I have work to show at … Nothing to show for now


DONE: I needed to understand the code this guy used in the Django-Vue cookiecutter very well because I need to modify some of it.
So I learned more about viewsets, mixins, CBV (lol, @DidierCH)
On top of being on new terrain, I need to turn it all in a REST Api, which makes everything even sweeter. #blessed #lovemylife
I kept seeing this Meta class in Django, absolutely always took it for granted and just assumed how it worked.
Today I wanted to read more about it , just to make sure I knew.
Big surprise, I knew not :smiley:
Interesting read:
I’m stagnating till I figure out how to write my viewsets and permissions for the multi tenant accounts part of this app.
TO DO: do the frontend part of the signup flow, make stuff more secure.
BLOCKERS: Nothing new, just me thinking I’m a fraud (which I might not be :smiley:)
I am currently working on: login flow of organizations
I am struggling with understanding: DRF viewsets
I am finally understanding: metas and inner classes in Python


Wow @io_io you’re deep in. You are walking with big steps :sunglasses: half of the tech you mention I never heard of :grimacing: keep it up :+1:


You mentioned Django multi tenant app. Have a look at this:
Agiliq makes great guides.


Thank you, @DidierCH, I feel this will certainly help me tons!
Exactly what I needed, actually :smiley:


Great @io_io have a look at the other guides. Very good stuff.


DONE: Hours trying to debug my microblog tutorial that has hit a brick wall whilst implementing a blog post search. The problem is twofold; the tutorial is two years old and relies on a number of libraries that have subsequently move forward full and dot releases; implementation of the search doesn’t seem to have points of validation where I can check incrementally, it’s all or nothing over several modules and the elasticsearch service. I’ve resorted to diff checking the code with the tutorial and it’s seems to match so can only conclude a library error, so more research needed.

Started learning Java! It’s been on my list for ages as a mental barrier (it was the first language I attempted years ago and scared me off programming for a long time) and career necessity in my field (Java and C# are almost always asked for in FinServices in UK). Early days but after the Python study it’s going swimmingly.

BLOCKERS: - sorting this tutorial. It’s a battle of principle now to finish it and get it deployed on heroku.

Lots of running after 4 weeks of Achilles sprain. I have my first entry level Ultramarathon (50km) in 4 weeks. And I really love running so it’s becoming a priority.

GOALS: Adapt a zen-like approach to XTrainer and coding. When I hit a mental block: 30 mins on XTrainer to reset thinking patterns.

I am currently working on: Python Microblog & Java

I am struggling with understanding … The ‘int is non-subscribable’ bug I’m blocked by.

I am finally understanding … simple Java

I have work to show at … GitHub


Same with me with Java. Started long ago and dropped it… had not the right mindset then, was more in #1 as #2. Changed now thanks to Zed’s Coding Shool.

I know, Elastic-Search is very powerful but sometimes hard to deploy. I did some project where I changed my search engine to Woosh. It’s pure Python. Not so powerfull like Elastcsearch but for some projects more than good enough.

Do you mean with XTrainer the enduro motorcycle or the Terra band Trainer?
I’m glad that your Achilles sprain is healed. Whish you good training for the ultra!

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Just meant a cross-trainer actually @DidierCH as I have one at home. (Funnily enough I am after an enduro motorbike in the new year - BMW GS 1250 probably!)

Interesting about Woosh. I enjoyed the service integration which is working well when using interpreter so I know thats working fine (Azure service) but if I cannot crack it, I might look to use a native indexer for the posts. I’ve nearly completed the tutorial and its mostly about hosting and deployment now so really I want to try and stay true to it, incase I introduce further problems (seems unlikely if its a native deliverable).

Yeah, LPTHW has really addressed the first few steps of programming for me. It’s given me a good foundation to build upon, but most of that was coding school videos and the LCLIve part that I loved. And our little community too.

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Wow, that’s a beast!

Just meant a cross-trainer actually

That will keep you fit too, till your Achilles sprain is healed.

And keep up with your site! I’m curious!

DONE: Installed Unity 3D on personal desktop and matched IDE to shader tutorial’s layout. Learning how to manipulate 3D shapes without touching a single line of code (but it still counts as programming, right…?) Also need to revisit Ren’Py documentation and learn more complex logic flows for visual novel narrative progression.

BLOCKERS: One monitor, constant flipping between shader tutorial and Unity editor (which is a fullscreen-only application).

GOALS: Ten minutes of programming, even if I hit a roadblock, I have to chug away at it slowly, no matter how overwhelming it is.

I am currently working on: Learning industry tools for making video games.

I am struggling with understanding: The entirety of using an SDK versus coding from scratch.

I am finally understanding: How long it takes to develop a game and why. I’m not even at level design and editing yet, but I should probably revisit those early built-in Unity tutorials instead of doing something niche like working with shaders.

I have work to show at: Will deploy to Github as soon as I figure out how to use Git on Windows…

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