Accountability October 25, 2020

My status this week is: Restarting my coding practice.

BLOCKERS: Momentum and lack of consistency
GOALS: Keep building on my “Momentum”. Focus on just starting.

I am currently working on … Reading through the first few chapters of LMPTHW, Reviewing my own code.

I am struggling with understanding … Nothing at the moment.

I have work to show at … Nothing current, however the curious can always look at my github.



My status: Working a lot.

Goals: I’ve decided that I want a job in this field at last. I have a lot of time on my hands and I’m building up some sort of a portfolio that might make up for my lack of a degree.

Done: A couple of certifications on A big part of a C library of data structures and algorithms. This is rewarding but full of rabbit holes.


  • Need to find a better balance. Currently I’m switching areas every couple of days when I’m exhausted from something. Low-level C stuff, theory, math. That kind of works better for me than doing a bit of everything every day, but it’s not ideal.
  • Any tips for getting into the industry without a degree would be most welcome.

Status: distracted by lots of shiny things!

Goals: I’ve got Redmine running locally on my NAS so I’ve moved all the studying and books I’m working on into projects. It was quite alarming how much stuff I’m working on in parallel (usually on a whim) and therefore not progressing well. I’m going back to basics and working on 1 or 2 max at any given time instead of this full list!

Blockers: been in a new job since August and it’s needs a lot of attention. Some of the team are using Python for task automation so I want to dive in there and help but I can’t get the bandwidth just yet. Also the tech constraints at work (like totally locked down command line) makes progress a battle. I’m still torn between moving into data science or dev, but both options should be possible at my current employer if the standards I see are anything to go by. They are moving from C# and Java to much more React based solutions to my JS refresher has helped a chunk. I’m also running lots which is time consuming but keeping me sane during this COVID thing. All my 2020 events were canx and moved to 2021 so next year is full on with events every month!

Most of a Complete Web Developer course. Basically now competent with front end use of html, css, js with jQuery and bootstrap. Spent time on Wordpress that I used to hate, but actually appreciate its ecosystem a lot more now. This has now thrown me a dilemma as I was building my own sites in Django, but I expect I can mirror in Wordpress a lot quicker. I’ve just got php module to go so if I can code the calcs I want to run in the sites that way, I’ll probably migrate from PythonAnywhere and use that for a bigger Django project.

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