Am I going too fast?


I am currently reading Learn Python 3 the Hard Way. It is my 4th day with the book. I did the appendix in 2 days. On the 3rd and 4th day, I did 3 exercises each. I just wanted to know if I’m going too fast? What do you guys say? Should I slow down a bit???

Thanks for all the answers

P.S. Don’t bother with my username. I’m a noob at coding.

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Hey @CodeNinja welcome to the forum! I don’t know how much time you have everyday for coding and nothing about in general about you :slight_smile: So it would be very presuming of me to say you are to quick. Go as fast as you want, but only so fast as you can understand the topics really and can remember the things you learned. I think you will slow down a bit with the next chapters anyway, because there is a lot of new stuff in it. If you don’t slow down… don’t stop a moving train!

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Hey @CodeNinja, as @DidierCH pointed out, there’s no right speed for that fits everyone. Everybody learns at their own pace, and that’s okay. As long as you can fully understand and retain what you’re covering, then go as quickly as you want.


My advice is: NEVER skip the studydrills.
Do more drills than what the exercise tells you to do. Play around with the code a little before going to next exercise.

Boring? Yes. Sometimes. But it pays off later.

Trust me. I did the mistake to do just the exercises and no or few drills.
Had to start over because I did not understand anything when code went more complicated.
THAT was boring.


@zedshaw has suggested blasting through the book once and then revisiting it. In fact he set up some 4 weeks sessions to go through the book really quickly before taking a slow, more detailed approach the second time round.

This is what I did, although not through planning. You can get through the first half of the book quite quickly but when you hit OOP things slow down somewhat.

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Thanks for all the answers. Actually, I have been taught about the basics of printing and setting variables in school so I didn’t find the first 6 exercises that tough. @DidierCH I usually sit with the book for 1-2 hours and I am currently in school so I have to manage my school work too.
TriforceHero777, I also asked Zed this question and he also replied the same!
ulfen69 Understood! I have done all the study but I’ll surely do more practice.
@gpkesley That seems like a nice way to go through the book. What I do is read the exercise first and if I don’t understand it, I do it myself first. If I still don’t understand then I watch Zed’s screencast and search the internet for answers.

P.S. Thanks a lot for all the replies. :blush: