Any suggestion for starter to gain project experience?

Hello all,

I am a beginner on coding. After almost three months learning on Python, I want to gain some project experience. Can someone give me some suggestions about how to find these projects and get involved? :yum:


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There’s some projects on Github that are supposed to be beginner friendly.

Github Beginners Project Lists


You can also come up with your own projects. Or try to solve your own problems by programming. Some beginner friendly projects:

  • notebook/notepad for keeping track of your notes
  • some simple expense tracking
  • blog/todo [web/console] application.

Easiest way to get involved in projects is to pick an open source project you use a lot, find a simple bug, and try to fix it. You’ll need to read their submission guidelines, figure out how they want their code, and complete it and submit it, but if you can do that with a small bug then you can start to get more advanced. A favorite of mine is fixing grammar and spelling mistakes. They’re easy to find and easy to fix and people just don’t bother with them so they appreciate it when you do it for them.


Thanks, @theminshew . That page looks awesome!

Yes, that’s a good idea. I’ll improve myself step by step. Coding is really funny~:yum:

Yeah~someday I’ll have my own project~:rofl: