August 31-- Just keep swimming

My status this week is: Just keep going.

DONE: Chingu project Code Quiz was featured in the showcase for voyage 10. My college classes started, so just got my first week’s statistics homework done. I’ve found ways to make little python projects with things from the chapters, so that helps keep me from hating the homework too much.
BLOCKERS: Work is exhausting, third shift is way harder when you have to do it every shift. Trying not to hate the whole college atmosphere.
GOALS: Get my ‘intro to computers’ class tests reviewed and done by thanksgiving. Keep making progress on experiments, and the new scripting system I want to make for my chatbot. Definitely going to do another journey soon with Chingu. Just keep coding.

I am currently working on little projects for my statistics class.
latest one:

I am struggling with understanding why – all this homework. I get it helps so many to learn, but I have to have my hands on it, see it. Terminology/memorization has always been my weak point.

I am finally understanding how to plan and execute an idea fully. Small pieces build up the larger structure. If I lay those small pieces down correctly it will be sturdy in the end.

I have work to show at github. Here’s that Code Quiz from Chingu Voyage 10. My partner handled the firebase and login/register stuff, I really need to learn that too, but I learned a ton diving in and building the front-end.


My status for the Week of Monday Sep 2:

DONE: Finally managed to get time to organize the videos I need for and got a reliable work spot.
BLOCKERS: Need to get my rhythm on the travel part of this trip so that I’m getting work done.
GOALS: Get my painting for the day done, edited and posted, and then be able to work at night before bed.

Hey @nellietobey the Chingu stuff is looking great. Same for the statistics.


W/C 02/09:
Done: completed registration page template and logic, redirects and removed mock users in Flask app.
ToDo: finish user profile template and logic. Start new course on importing data sources for analysis.
Goal: I need to develop a rhythm again. I’m bouncing from task to task at the moment and trying to fit programming around other training. Implement a weekly schedule for the next 3 months and stick to it.


Done: New homepage and new structure of my real-estate listing site
ToDo: Implement Search-Form (postgresql search on models)


DONE: Got my first freelancing lead. It is a Python project and I will build a salaries management tool that generates visualizations. I’ll use either Matplotlib or Chart.js for those. The backend will be Django.
I’ve done a little plan, now waiting for the start signal.
TO DO: watch this course on Matplotlib
BLOCKERS: “can io do this?” :smiley: … no more real blockers for now.


@nellietobey I didn’t get to talk to you these days (I was in the mountains for a week). Congrats for getting back to school! I am sure you’ll learn a lot!

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@nellietobey nice stuff. You really make fast progress!

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