Conda environments for "More LPTHW" instead of virtualenv?


I haven’t quite finished LPTHW yet, but I’m looking ahead to possibly tackling More LPTHW soon.

I noticed that virtualenv is recommended at the beginning of that book. Is it OK to use Conda environments instead? I’m on a Mac and as I don’t use Homebrew, Conda seemed to make more sense for me as it can manage non-Python dependencies (including various versions of the Python interpreter itself).


Seeing as it’s been 10 days, I hope you’ve gone ahead and tried out Anaconda and Conda.

That said, you can’t go wrong doing exactly what Zed says to do.

Hey, sorry for the late reply. I got hit with a Hurricane. :wink:

Yessssss, in theory that should work but just make sure that your Anaconda is using the Python 3.6 version, and not 3.5. I believe they’ve upgraded but I know before they were using 3.5. Other than that it should be the same as using a virtualenv.

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Thanks both. I’ve been using conda (miniconda not Anaconda, FWIW) and it’s working well after some initial issues getting it to work with the fish shell. It does come with Python 3.6 now, and even if it didn’t it’s super easy to update with a ‘conda update python’.

Haven’t started ‘More LPTHW’ yet, but it’s good to hear I should be fine. I’ll probably create some virtualenv’s as well just to get some exposure to that type of virtual environment.

Hope you weathered the hurricane OK!

Hey justlurking,

How did using conda work out? I’m at LPTHW ex46. I need to set up pip and virtualenv, but they’re just too broken on crouton/chromeos out of the box. I have an Anaconda 4.4 installer ready to go. I’ve found tutorials for using conda to set up virtualenv, but I may regret not following the instructions from the textbook because I have no idea of what I’m doing yet.

Worst case scenario, I can scrap my chroot and start over, but I’ve been at this all day already. I’m itching to get back to the book exercises.