Course Completion Expected Date

Does anybody know when this course is set to be fully completed by?

Well I’m currently stuck overseas for a few months, but I’ve managed to put together a work setup that will let me finish it. Currently there’s enough to learn the basics of modern JS, and I’ll be moving it to a new site with a better backend.


Much appreciated, Zed! Your books are awesome! Thanks for all the effort you put into them.

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posting here as opposed to making a new thread:

i’m pretty interested in pre-ordering the book, just wondering what stage it’s at right now.

how many exercises are there?
how far off completion is it?
is there any mention of deployment / integration in to other ecosystems or is it all .js scripts running on your own machine in the browser?

thanks peeps!

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Curious about this as well. I’m going to preorder it anyway on payday, since the reply above says theres enough to get through the basics, but definitely interested to know how much is there.

Also. Thanks @zedshaw for what you said on a podcast comparing learning coding to learning music. That definitely helped my mind set since I took 7-8 years of piano lessons when I was younger., but have struggled to learn coding for the last year doing “project based” courses on udemy and getting stuck. I havent had enough repetition.

@omni and @drewM Currently the book has a reasonably thorough introduction to modern JS (ES6 they call it), but I have been extremely blocked due to traveling in Asia for 3 months, actually the entire world for 3 months. The second part will be a thorough recreation of this site:

Which uses the most advanced–yet simpler–JS tech out there for hosting a video site. For example, if you hit this:

That’s me doing a painting of a dump truck in Kona, Hawaii–but it’s also much much more. Under that is a complete WebTorrent (bittorrent in the browser) streaming system that’s serving the videos to you and all the people watching it at the same time, and with various private mode features on the backend. The whole site is built with Svelte, and doesn’t use a backend web framework so you can code the whole site and learn advanced front end JS without ever learning a backend framework.

I’m laying all this out because, as I said I haven’t even had reliable enough internet to upload videos let alone an ability to work on this, so if you get the book now at the current lower price, by the time you get through the first part you’ll be ready to tackle the next part.

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