Ex. 1 A Good First Program (windows)

Ok, so I was on a mac, and 7 keys went out in the same row on my keyboard and I have no idea why?
So I have now changed to my Surface Pro. Obviously Windows based and I am having an issue. Probably something small, hopefully not a waste of your time.
I have typed the exercise in my text editor(visual studio code) and I am seeing an error comeback:

Hopefully you can see my screen shot and help me fix this so I can move on

Thank you,

ps…any ideas on why my mac is loosing keys on the keyborad.

Hello @drew777.

It looks you are not in the same directory as your file.
If you type dir you will see a list of the files , folders you have where you are at the moment.
If it’s not in there, cd ( change directory) to the folder you saved ex1.py. From there you can run the script.

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Hello @ulfen69

As soon as I read your reply, it clicked and I knew that was the problem. I found the correct dir; and located and ran it and it opened correctly.

Thank you!!