Ex20 sort of works

I’m having two problems with Ex20. 1. I got the ‘not enough variables, expected 2, got 1, error message again, so I just put in my name. It worked. I then tried it with Zed’s name and it didn’t. I tried another word and it did not work either. I still don’t know what variables you are supposed to put in the command line. 2. When it opened it said,’ Let’s print the whole file’ to which there were three blank lines. Then it said, ‘Let’s rewind, just like a tape’. Then it printed out the numbers, 1,2,3 vertically. It did not print the ‘this is line’ line. In the code I do not see the words, ‘This is line’. Where do you get that in the WYSS section? If I may file another complaint about this book, it is that Zed tells you to look up something in Google, but I never know what in this Wide Wide World of Sports is ah, going on here. Not2smart.

Hello Ric.

Have you watched Zed’s videos that comes with the book?
It is very useful additional information to the exercises.

You can also have a look at this video at Youtube
I think he is explaining this very well.
If you follow this one have in mind he is using Python 2.
So don’t forget the parenthases around print statements if you use Python 3

Ulfen69: I have watched the videos on YouTube up to Ex19, but I have to go to the library to do that as I have dial up. Zed’s videos are pretty expensive because I’m retired and only get S.S. I discovered early in watching the videos at the library, that they were using 2.0. Thank you for getting back to me. Not2smart.

Ulfen69: I figured out that I had to make a .txt file with those lines in it and put that in the command path. Then it worked right. The command path confuses me because it is not like the old DOS days. That doesn’t have any bearing on this project but just thought I’d mention it. I did watch the video at the library and figured it out from there. Thank you. Not2smart