Ex22 question(s)

Hey Zed, I’m working through exercise 22 (The bass guitar) and I have a question about this bit of code:

class Jazzmaster extends Guitar {
constructor (color, name, wood) {
super(color, name, wood )

my question is about the constructor and super. So I understand that super essentially means “call this from the class that got extended” but why do we need to write constructor of the same thing above that? isn’t that basically calling it twice?
I did watch the video, but that bit wasn’t quite clear.

Well, I may have answered my own question. If I hover over super, it tells me where it comes from (constructor Guitar). If I comment out the constructor, and hover over super, it just says (Method: Jazzmaster). So without the constructor, I guess it doesn’t know to pull from the Guitar class.

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