Ex25 from learn python3 the hard way

what i realized while doing ex25 from learn python3 the hard way is i have python 3.8.2 installed in my ubuntu 20.04 system and “import ex25” simply does nothing while interacting with my ex25.py inside python3.8

all other exercises till here were working fine in 3.8.2 after running python3 ex**.py in terminal but it seems stuck here.

is it that we need to have specific “python3.6” installed or can we run the same within pyhton3.8 as well? coz this must be the issue i guess.

i searched in internet for suggestions, they were talking about pyenv or changing some paths blah blah. now i dont want such complex solutions. i just need to have this module running in python3.8.2

or simply explain can we install both version 3.6 and 3.8 without any conflict? if so the issue is solved already.

thank you.

The import statement works the same between 3.6 and 3.8. (If it didn’t then there would be an awful lot of bug fixing / refactoring for everyone to do!)

Can you post up the error message and your code? My money is on the error being that your importing from the wrong location and either haven’t got the module in the path.

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