Ex35 functions order and regexp

  1. Why are the functions written in this order?
    I inverted the order and it also works.
    I did: start, bear_room, gold_room, dead, cthulhu_room. I would have written it this way.
    I could invert bear_room and cthulhu_room, dead could go wherever, but I would definitely write start at the beginning.
  2. Now the gold_room logic…
    I need the user to enter a number equal or greater than 0, right?
    Did this in the most simple way and it works. Why use =~?
    I read about it in ruby docs and I found a few examples.
    What I needed /[0-9]/ was better explained under .match.
    I could use if /[0-9]/ =~ choice, but I just used if choice >= "0" and it works.
    Using to_i under it converts anything to integer so…
    If I write rose 45 as an answer it converts it to 45.
    Is using =~ better? Or it doesn’t matter and I could just use >= 0?
    If =~ is better, why?

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