Ex35: Typo in `radixmap_tests.c`

Just for people doing this exercise too. There is a typo in the display of an error condition in the testfile radixmap_tests.c of the book on page 238 line 31 of the code:

if (d1.data.key > d2.data.key) {
    debug("FAIL:i=%u, key: %u, value: %u, equals max? %d\n", i,
        d1.data.key, d1.data.value,
        d2.data.key == UINT32_MAX);   <--------- d2 should be d1
    return 0;

Obviously only the larger of the two could be UINT32_MAX.

Kind regards, Guus.

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You’re doing awesome Guus. We should talk about you submitting these to me for code reviewer credit on the book. :wink: