EX46 Trouble using virtualenv

i am using ubuntu 18.04 lts python 3.6.7
virtualenv is installed succefully but getting wired DEST_DIR error while executing virtualenv −−system−site−packages

Hello @divyang_patel

You should not have used sudo when pip install


pip3 install virtualenv

I dont know if you have to anything about your first installation with sudo. Perhaps you can just ignore it.
Someone else perhaps know if any uninstallation is neccesary.

Here are some good information about virtual enviorment. Venv

It looks like your system already has virtualenv, but that it works differently for some reason. I have no idea why it’s ignoring the --system-site-packages option. It looks like it thinks that’s a directory argument. You might also have to specify the python to use with -p but until you figure out why it doesn’t recognize --system-site-packages then you may still have the problem with -p.