Ex5.py Learn Python 3 The Hard Way 2017 A missed line

Hi, Zed! While I was doing exercise 5 I noticed something. I think one line is missed there.
print(f"He’s {age} years old.")
I think the result after Study Drills has to be like this:

Let’s talk about Zed A.Shaw.
He’s 35 years old.
He’s 188 centimeters tall.
He’s 81 kilograms heavy.
Actually, that’s not too heavy.
He’s got Blue eyes and Brown hair.
His teeth are usually White depending on the coffee.
If I add 35, 188, and 81 I get 304.

What do you think about that?
I keep going further!:face_with_monocle:

Uhhhhhhhh maybe. Can you post your code? Put it inside code braces:

# code here

Yes, sure.

name = 'Zed A.Shaw'
age = 35 # not a lie
height = 74 # inches
weight = 180 # lbs
eyes = 'Blue'
teeth = 'White'
hair = 'Brown'
inches_to_centimeters = 2.54
lbs_to_kg = 0.45
centimeters = "centimeters"
kilograms = "kilograms"
height = round(height * inches_to_centimeters)
weight = round(weight * lbs_to_kg)

print(f"Let's talk about {name}.")
print(f"He's {age} years old.")
print(f"He's {height} {centimeters} tall.")
print(f"He's {weight} {kilograms} heavy.")
print(f"Actually, that's not too heavy.")
print(f"He's got {eyes} eyes and {hair} hair.")
print(f"His teeth are usually {teeth} depending on the coffee.")

# this line is tricky , try to get it exactly right
total = age + height + weight
print(f"If I add {age}, {height}, and {weight} I get {total}.")