Ex52-start your web game

In map.py i dont understand what i have to do.should i create similar to ex45 like class engine and class map and add those if in between them or something else

Whoa! You’re on 52? Remember back when you thought you were Mr. Coding Loser? Now you’re almost done.

Take a look at the video if you haven’t yet. The gist of it is you take your web app, and your game engine, and combine the two. Give it an attempt for this week, and then come back and show me what you have so far.

yeah.i will try.i am not liking the oops concept at all.in python can i just depend on functional programming because i think i am comfortable with it.To learn web applications with django or flask is oops important to learn deeply

Yes, OOP is pretty important in Python, but there’s some extra help:


Watch those videos where I create an OOP system with functional programming style python. Then here’s the code so you can study it:


I’d watch Seminar #5 first, then go back through them all. That’ll help you connect the functional programming to the OOP.

Hi Zed,
If anything is broken for the tv link?

Yes, I took it down for now. That software caused major problems.