Exercise 12 help!

sup guys, So ive written out the code for exercise 12 and it all works up until I use “letters” when ive excuted the code.

As you can see in the pic if I use letters in the code, it fails, on any of the 3 questions. i cant type in 6’4" or 26years… any suggestions why? I cant get my head around it.

Hi @Kamiownz

If you take away the .format() from inside the brackets belonging to the input function it should work.

Just put a string inside those brackets that tells the users what they are supposed to type in.


They are already strings, Ive also removed .format() and no luck currently

disregard, I have fixed it.
It had nothing to do with the way I wrote the code, it was a simple stupid error on how I executed it lol.

Ok, this is blowing my mind. Does it have to do with the -i option?

Yes exactly that. -i option was the problem

Hello @Kamiownz

The format actually worked inside the brackets at the input function.
I didn’t know that. Please forgive me if you felt corrected.

Quite handy if one want to make something a little bit more personal.

first_name = input("Hello. What is your name? ")
last_name = input(" Hi {}. What is your last name? ".format(first_name))