Exercise 32 study drill 2

How should I do the second study drill in exercise 32, LPTHW?

I tried doing i = range(0,6) but then it just gave me:

Adding range(0, 6) to the list.

Element was: range(0, 6)

Can someone please help?

Hi @newcoder5, I’m going to have to start asking you to follow our community rules and do more work before you come to ask for help. It looks like you’re used to running to a teacher for help at your first question, but when you’re a programmer you’ll be doomed if you do that. As a programmer you’re expected to be able to figure things out on your own without constantly asking for help. To teach you this skill I’m going to ask that you do the following:

  1. Repeat the material you have a question about in your post. Don’t expect people to go back and find what you’re talking about because they might look at something totally different. Be explicit about what you have a problem with.
  2. Always show your code. Remember that you are trying to make it easier for us to give you help, so making us tease your code out of you over 3 posts is making it harder.
  3. Show your work so far. What have you already tried.
  4. List what you think it is wrong and what could be the cause.
  5. Show what research you’ve already done. Did you google for anything? Did you read any manuals? Did you re-read and redo the exercise?
  6. Finally, email all of this to yourself first. It sounds weird but you’d be very surprised how well this works to help you figure it out.

Try that and I guarantee you’ll be able to figure out 95% of your questions yourself.


That makes sense @zedshaw , I shall follow your advice. Thank you!