Exercise 6: List Directory (ls)

I am lost at “Do More” There are no specific instructions.

I don’t understand “Type every one of these commands in!

Which commands am I supposed to type? This is very frustrating.

Under the “Do more” where Zed states “Type every one of these commands in!”, he is just reminding people that you only learn by doing. He’s reminding people to type in the commands given in “Do This” and not just reading about them without typing them in. There are no new commands in that first line of “Do more”. You can see below that line that he suggests some other commands to try in Unix or Windows such as the
“ls -lR”.

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As @L.A.P but you also need to watch the video to see how I’m doing this. As he said, just type everything I gave you in, and if you don’t know how then watch the video.