First Seminar of Vim School is Up


You can watch the very first Episode of Vim school in your customer portfolio as of today. Be sure to subscribe to this part of the forum so you get announcements and feel free to ask for help here as you’re trying to figure out vim. Here’s the notes from this week’s show:

Vim School Seminar 1

  • regex
    • replace or change a word
    • alternate or sets of chars [a-zA-z]
    • repeat with * [a-zA-Z]*
    • ep[a-z]*
  • ed
    • dot matrix printer
    • mainframe line printer
    • were no screens, you had printers and maybe osc
  • brief overview of Vim theory
    • it came from ed with a screen over garbage phone lines
    • Vim is a transactional command editor.
    • With colon commands (sort of).
    • Regex, macros, and repetition.
  • install and setup
    • you’ll .vimrc for this seminar and the final one
    • install vim and try to use it
  • the first commands
    • motion -
      • G == go to line
      • `` == go back
      • f and F == find char
      • $ end of line, ^ beginning of line
      • / search for thing
      • ? backward search for thing
      • n go to next search result
      • m for mark. ma == mark a, mb == mark b. `a == goto mark a
    • change
      i – inserting
      c – change a thing, cw or any motion
      I – insert at beginning
      A – append to end of line
      d – delete, and can combine with motion
    • search
      / – find a regex
      n – next search
    • buffers
      :b file – tab through files by chars in them
      ctrl-w – splitting windows
      s – split horizontal
      v – split vertical
      arrows – go left, right, etc.
      c – close
    • saving
      :wa – save everything
    • repetition by count
      . – do that thing again
      10 – do this next 10 times
    • recovery
      u - undo
      :earlier TIME – go back in time
      :later TIMe – go forward in time

If you have questions about the video, or what I’ve posted here go ahead and reply here, or post a new thread.


sorry, but I didnt find this customer portfolio =/ I´m very interested in this course!


Ah sorry, go to When you signed up you got an email that pointed you there, but that URL is terrible due to legacy terrible Django code I have yet to fix.