Hard Way Discord

I saw that there’s a Discord channel. Can someone drop the link?

The discord is private at the moment and only for my students in the Learn Code Live course. I’ll be announcing it for everyone soon, but it’s debatable that I’ll continue the discord as part of it. There’s a few problems with discord that I can’t really solve:

  1. It’s hard to police, and I’m not going to jail for y’all.
  2. All the questions are lost into the ether, providing zero value to everyone, and I just answer the same questions over and over.
  3. It inspires people to demand an answer now, when many times the solution would come to them if they just took a break.

In the future I’m probably just going to go with a private section of the forum (that’s already here), a gitlab account, and then maybe have the discord is a special reward for good behavior. Not sure about the last part though.