How do I serve a couple of .html and .css files via Apache?

On exercise 51 - study drill #4, it says to try to serve a couple of pages in .html and .css files using a web server?

I got Apache 2.4 running on my windows 10, but I am confused as of how to make a single flask app run using apache. :confused:

Any help will be highly appreciated

Uhhhhh it has been a long time but I think you have a “web root” or “root” or “www root” setting. Then you just put your files in there.

Here’s the Apache docs about using it on Windows. Maybe it’ll provide some insight?

Thank you for the references @zedshaw @lee8oi. Can you guys help me clarify something; so the reason my uploaded pages in the previous exercises have been working is because I have been using IIS(Web server) which is built in Microsoft Windows 10 and so now that I am trying to use Apache(a different web server) within Microsoft I am having to do all these installations and environment setting, is this right?

That is the idea I have about this, and so I download Apache and seems to run fine:

On my services:

And on my web browser:


I also downloaded the 64bit to run python flask on windows, and so after this step is where I get problems.

I have been trying to follow different tutorials, but they talk about setting up your virtual environment to work with apache and configure my Apache2.4/config file?

Any ideas on how to make things easier?

Honestly, just use IIS on windows. Apache is more for Linux.

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