Imposter Syndrome

I won’t say much because this article is long. I have been coding for I think a year and a half and although I am not @zedshaw, love ya mate, I am still proud to call my self a “developer”. Enjoy!

One thing that has become apparent to me is, I do so much of my coding alone and have no idea how people do it a workforce where they have mentoring. Half of the question I ask could have been solved sometimes by just know the right things to ask, which can be the role of the mentor.

If it’s possible @zedshaw, I think it may be beneficial if there was a group project area or mentoring process. I have ideas, but most of the time they stay just that, an idea. Cheers

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Great article, very encouraging. I’ve been struggling with what i do for a bit now, programmer/web dev/computer nerd/idk and this was a nice reminder that although i’m not a master i’m still a developer. Just not a master developer yet. :slight_smile:

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