Is this possible with Python

So I created a new website for my mom, she’s a realtor, and so I have access to her real estate listings. I’ve found some programs that offer to just plug the info in and you have content, but they want money, and it’s not custom. So I wanted to make a program to do this for me. I also wanted to do it in Python since a lot of the developers I work with use Python, and so I wanted to work along the same lines as they do when it comes to creating a program. I have the Learn Python the Hard Way course, version 2, but I’m trying to make it through the JavaScript preorder first before moving to Python, and I wondered if the Python course would help me pull that data from RETS and display it custom on the frontend for my mom’s website.

Sounds like an api that would be language agnostic, probably json or XML, so learning any language is equally valid.

If your focus is web, JS over Python makes sense. There are no firm rules. Learn the basics with whatever makes sense to you. Then grow from that.

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I honestly think that JavaScript has way better support for most REST APIs. Check out the axios project and see if it’ll work. You can cook up a simple script that hits the API and gets you JSON.

Python can do it but you’d want to use the Requests module: