Issue with visiting the LCTHW Account page after being away

Something I’ve noticed about attempting to access the Account page after having been away for a day or a few hours, it usually will tell me that I need to submit my email for an activate link again, even when I’ve used it recently and haven’t cleared my cookies. Once, when I clicked again on the Account link, top right, after being asked to resubmit my email, it gave me access without requesting the link again. So I’ve found that initially the site will ask you to submit your email, but if you wait and click on the Account button again, it will let you in. Seems like a bug I should let you know about. I typically am on Windows 10, Chrome (currently version 59.0.3071.115). I understand this may not be perfectly clear, if you want me to try it again from scratch and take notes, let me know. Maybe I can make a little video clip.

Just did it again on my laptop. I went to, clicked Login at the top right, the page prompting me for my email to send me the special link came up, I clicked the Account button where Login was before and it took me to the Account page. I didn’t need the link but it told me that I did.

I’ll have to look into that. Let me know if it does it when you just go directly to the paid book contents, or only if you try to get to it that way.