Keys with multiple values

I’ve tried to make a dictionary where keys hold multiple values.

regions = ['Region Hovedestaden', 'Region Midtjylland', 'Region Nordjylland', 'Region Sjælland', 'Region Syddanmark']

communes = {
regions[0]: ('Albertslund', 'Brøndby'),
regions[1]: ('Horsens', 'Ikast-Brande'),
regions[2]: ('Hjørring', 'Jammerbugt'),
regions[3]: ('Guldborgsund', 'Holbæk'),
regions[4]: ('Ærø', 'Aabenraa')

#This is where it goes wrong
city = communes.get(regions[2][1], 'Something is wrong')

However I can’t get the 2nd value from my regions[2].
The .get say’s ‘Something is wrong’.
I have the feeling regions[2][1] is the problem.
I tried to search the internet, but can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

If i put a


at the end the shell gives me the following error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 37, in
KeyError: ‘e’

Hello @ktrager

I found the problem.
It was the closing bracket that was at wrong place. This:

city = communes.get(regions[2])[1]

Gave me the output: ”Jammerbugt”

The get function gives the value connected to the key you provide inside the brackets.
Since you have a tupel as value you can choose which item from the tupel with another [] directly after the get function.
If not provided you will get all items in the tupel.


You might want to consider using lists rather than tuples if you ever expect your regions to change contents. If not, all is good!

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Thank you @ulfen69
I think i misunderstood that the get only connects to the key.

Thanks for clarifying.

I think regions[2][1] will get “Region Midtjylland”, and then get the 1st character of that string. Try it in the python shell.

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