Laptop advice for self-teaching beginner

I am just starting my programming journey. Currently half way through LPTHW with plans to work through Zed’s SQL book and Javascript book afterwards. I am using a clunker 17" HP with 5th gen i3, 6GB RAM, and 2hr battery life that weighs 6.5 lbs. I want to upgrade to something more portable(lighter and better battery). Shopping around online is a bit overwhelming with so many choices. Are there any brands or specs you guys suggest to help me narrow it down? I’m just looking for something to learn programming in general on. I am looking at a budget of about $500. I don’t expect it to be good enough to be a professional developer or anything like that, just something portable and decent enough to learn on until I know enough to know where I want to go with my programming future. Any help is appreciated.

I don’t know where you’re from but I would have a look on amazon and the main things I look for in a laptop is the processor and the storage. I would look for intel i3 and better or ryzen 5 processor also if you can’t find ssd storage within your price range I would look for bigger storage but a hdd. I think also you would want at the lowest screen size 13.3 inch but 14 inch would be ideal. Something like this

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