Learn Go the Hard Way


Getting more into coding with work, had done a lot of HTML AND CSS stuff, some low level JavaScript, trying to learn more advanced stuff now, but I got to thinking what some of the other developers use, and I thought a course on Go could be pretty awesome.


I think a Go course would be cool. It’s absolutely a fun language to work with.


This is a much needed course/book that a lot of people I know are looking for


In the meantime it seems like some of Zeds teachings can still be practiced. Take the tour on the official Go site, retype the code from each stage into an editor, make it run, relentlessly try to break it. Memorize the fundamental keywords, syntax’s, structures of Go as much as you can along the way. Once you get comfortable enough with the basics move on to learning the full language specification and explore the standard packages and their sources (they are amazingly insightful with a clear & easy to read language like Go).