Learn Statistics The Hard Way

I’d like to see the statistics book done in LCTHW fashion. There can probably be two main parts to the book:

  • statistics 101. Main terms, (average, mean, median, std, probability, etc.), simple math done by hand and then implemented in a language of choice;
  • benchmarking 101. This would greatly benefit developers and would help building on the knowledge gained from “statistics 101” part (should the book be structured that way);

The problem would probably be in implementation and benchmarking as even though algorithms would be language agnostic, their implementation would be language dependent. So it would require the reader to know at least one language.


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I’d love that book too but I am definitely not qualified to write it. My stats knowledge is about 20 years out of date at the moment and I’d have to go back to school to learn it. If I were going back to school, I’d just get a masters in fine art painting and do that. :wink:

haha, Learn Painting the Hard way!!!


Oh definitely not!!! :grinning: If I’ve got imposter syndrome with programming, it would be unimaginably increased with painting reviews.

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