LPTHW - Exercise 18

def print_two_again(arg1, arg2):
    print(">>>> print_two_again =", repr(print_two_again), type(print_two_again))
    print(f"arg1: {arg1}, arg2: {arg2}")

output gives

>>>> print_two_again = <function print_two_again at 0x000001F1028E8CC0> <class 'function'>

Does anyone know what 0x000001F1028E8CC0 is?

Hello @catherineives

I dont know this myself. So I looked it up on tutoroalsteacher..

The repr() function returns the string representation of the value passed to eval function by default. For the custom class object, it returns a string enclosed in angle brackets that contains the name and address of the object by default.

Example: repr()

class student:

std = student()


'<main.student object at 0x0000000003B1FF98>'

Hi @ulfen69

I appreciate your response. It’s interesting that it returns the memory address of the object. It would be interesting to look further into this.

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