LPTHW, where to study python next?

So i finished LPTHW yesterday. Had a really fun time completing it, and now im hungry for so much more! I checked out LMPTHW, and the gap between the two is clearly too big for me right now.

I’m looking for some material for python. Both written or videos are fine, as long as i can look it up on my computer and preferably dont have to pay for it. Also, i would love to learn more about programming. I don’t mean the other languages, for now i want to become fluent in one, and then think of the others, but the logic behind it; something that would benefit anyone trying to learn any language.

I’m Finnish, and anyone who knows anything about the Finnish language understands how hard it is to understand other languages as a Finn. Now i have always been talented in English, but because programming contains so much special terminology its really hard and slow for me to learn and understand everything. Because of this, if you know some material, but think it’s too “basic”, dont hesitate! I dont mind any repetition of the basic stuff, because repetition is the way to learn + it helps me to understand some concepts better when i hear different descriptions from different sources.

Right now im reading through the official python page and head first programming. I dont mind the repetition on this, actually, i’ve had a few key “so THATS what Zed meant, oh i’m so dumb - moments” :smiley: (this is how i learned that it helps me to hear the same thing explained in multiple different ways) but i would really like to also get forward and learn new things so i can become more competent on making own little projects and not end up in the tutorial purgatory. So if you have something in mind, that you would think would help me, dont hesitate to share! Thanks in advance!

I know what you mean about LMPTHW but it’s not as bad as you think. It seems intimidating but Zed explains a lot in the videos too.

I know you don’t want to learn another software language, but have you checked out this well respected Java course in Finnish?


The first part you’ll fly through with what you already know from LPTHW as it’s very similar. Just different syntax.

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Yes, absolutely. And it covers the basics that you say you want to learn: data structures, algorithms, you’ll even learn how programming languages themselves are built – all without having to learn another language.

Maybe it’d be worth checking out some websites of Finnish universities for free material in your native language?

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Thanks for the responses! I didn’t even think about the universities sites (even tho im currently working on my bachelors…), that was a great idea!

I did only check out a snippet on lmpthw i didn’t buy it yet, but if the videos explain alot of things (that the html doesn’t cover) i think it will buy it. Thanks again!

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LMPTHW is kind of a slog to be honest. I’d say that’s for after you’ve done a bunch of Python projects, or as a reference or possible an “exercise a day” kind of book. What I think might be better is if you had a particular interest and then made a project around that interest. Tell me about some of your hobbies. What do you love to do?

Thanks for the reply!
My hobbies are going to gym, music and maybe watching movies. I can’t come up with a project that i would be interested in doing, but if you can come up with something i would appreciate it!

Exercise tracker / scheduler - see @DidierCH example
Mini synth (https://pypi.org/project/synthesizer/)
Media player (https://sourceforge.net/projects/freevo/)

Check out the code and see if it inspires you to try something similar.

Well there’s the classics:

  • Blog web app.
  • Log parser (surprisingly fun and difficult).
  • Twitter copy.

For Gym you could make a workout logger. I’ve tried using a few and they all suck. I’d rather have one that was:

  1. A web app I can just open on my phone.
  2. It has a list of exercises I’m going to do, that I specify.
  3. When I’m working out, it’s just a stream of these exercises and clicks for next rep, next exercise, rep count. Nothing fancy. No changing it around, just keep it all 1 or 2 buttons to do a whole workout.
  4. Then get fancy with some charts on how I’m doing as phase 2.