Making Own Game Issues

I’m having a really difficult time trying to piece together how my own game would run, would I be doing a dis-service to myself by reflecting on the way Zed mapped out his game, and using that as a skeleton for my game, I know I should do it all from scratch without looking at his code, but my brain just can’t seem to catch a break, I’ve spent two weeks solidly looking into classes, init, self attributes etc, which that isn’t what seems to be the issue, I’m having more of a problem just understanding how to tie it all together… did anyone else have this issue?

Yes, that’s normal, I guess. At least I had the same very problem :slight_smile:
Just keep going with the exercises (or look at Zed’s code …).

Me too

To make a game of your own is not simple if you dont understand this process. More knowledge and experience helps.
It is a good idea as @DidierCH propose to continue for a while.
Or use Zed´s code and change some content.

To understand more of this it helped me to print the code out on paper and mark the methods and attributes in different colors. It became a little bit more clear how the 'flow" was through the game.

Strip the code down until it breaks. Build it up again until it runs again.
I did so at least ten times when I was at exercise 43.

Put in a lot of prints in the code. So you can see what the method output.

print(current_scene(), “current_scene”) # the second current is to know what you are printing out.

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My advice is to make it fun.
Also, there is nothing wrong with using Zed’s code for a base.
Go as basic as you need to so it doesn’t become miserable. Anything that is miserable is 10x harder to learn.

We all hit this I think. I would suggest stripping out a lot of the content, as its really a distraction. So just have Gold Room and a simple print(“do something here”) rather than all the text for the game.

It makes understanding the engine Zed introduced a lot easier, and this is the real reason for the exercise.

Hey guys, so I only checked the feedback the day after posting, when there was no reply, and right now…
reason being, I thought instead of waiting on other peeps, let me get down to it and just keep hacking away at it, turns out, we seemed to have had the same idea, I just broke it up into smaller pieces, followed the logic and printed as much as I could, separated and joined, wrote completely new programs from memory, followed the logic while trying to vary as much as I could in regards to methods, functions, variables, returns, dictionaries etc. I included other things to give a go at combinations of functions, classes, methods, variables etc and finally came to understand the whole process very well and feel like I have a solid grip on the flow and process, not entirely, not at all, BUT I feel really good about the process.

Thank you so much for the replies, I really appreciate it!


Concrats, that’s really all it is about. To do it and to try different things. I learned that this is progamming :slight_smile: Nicely done! And thank you for posting this.

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