More Python Ex 30: FSM - what are you supposed to do?

The book says:

“Your challenge in this exercise is to turn this sample module into a more robust and generic FSM Python class.”

That seems pretty vague to me. Not sure how to proceed.

You are getting stuck on a particular word “FSM.” Don’t focus on it and make;

Class ContainingStaticCode(Object):
    # static code that won't change, directives that will always be used
    def DoSomething(self):
         giveMeAString = "Hey Mate :)" 

So change the sample, so that there is no repetition in code and use classes is my guess. :space_invader:

Cheers tc

btw finite machines are like “cars”, all the parts have to be made to do the job

Here is the very simplest way to do it: