PDF navigation seems glitchy

Does anybody else have navigation issues with parts of the Learn C PDF? I find that using a PDF reader’s nav bar redirects to wrong pages, starting at exercise 1 and continuing through exercise 4.

  • Clicking the Ex1 link goes back to the cover page;
  • Ex2 goes to “This Book is Not Really about C”;
  • Ex3 goes to “The Undefined Behaviorists”;
  • Ex4 goes to “C Is a Pretty and Ugly Language”

Everything prior to Ex1 works fine, as does everything after Ex4.

Not really a dealbreaker, but I thought it might be worth pointing out.

That is probably true, but what PDF reader are you using? Some readers found on Linux tend to be really bad about rendering PDF.

Here’s a link to some screenshots:


Note that this is affecting me on both systems of my setup:

  • Windows 10 Home with Adobe Reader 19.012.20034
  • Ubuntu 18.04 with Evince 3.28.4